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4-Week Course

Child Development

The first six years of life are the most important for the development of trust, self-esteem, intelligence and so much more. Learn to anticipate and work with developmental stages and sensitive periods! Maximize education effectiveness and as a result gain more peace at home!

You will learn: 

  • Discover the true needs of the child
  • How to nurture the whole child
  • How to manage/avoid temper tantrums!
  • How to make learning time more productive
  • How to help your child find peace, harmony and purpose
  • Discover the essential knowledge you need to guide a child's spirit and mind

Course Description

Build on your existing knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of early childhood development. Experience the deep insights and awareness that Dr. Maria Montessori taught through her personal discovery of the child. Some of the developmental work of the child can be incredibly frustrating for adults who do not understand the task of the child. Once you understand the child’s cycles of development, everything becomes much easier. Let us help you understand these critical cycles of development so you can experience their growth with awareness and joy!


  • 100% Online!
  • Course is Mentored
  • Duration: 4 weeks 
  • Tuition Cost: $349
  • Eligible Hours: 30

“The information given by the videos was very accurate. Every word was vital to me. Texts and books chapters were well selected and edifying. And the forums were very enriching. The assignments offered a good opportunity to focus. The course was very well organized.”

– Course Graduate

“I feel inspired to be a facilitator of positive and natural growth in young children! Every unit strengthened this inspired feeling. I feel confident in explaining the Montessori Method now too.”

– Course Graduate

“This course, for me, has reaffirmed the value of the importance of the adult's understanding of the child, as a whole. When the adults understand how a child learns and develops, it will make a big difference in a child's life, and in the whole society.”

– Course Graduate

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How It Works

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Step 2

Once your payment is processed (2-3 days) you will receive an email from Age of Montessori with your login credentials.

Step 3

After finishing this course you will receive your certification of completion via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to check in at specific times?

A: No, this course is completely self-led. No matter what country or time zone you are in you won’t miss a thing.

Q: Will my state recognize these hours for CEU?

A: This depends on the State you live in. Please contact your State education officials to double check. 

Q: Is this course mediated?

A: Yes, a member of our faculty will be monitoring the forums and will be available via email for clarification of topics.

Q: Will I receive a certificate of completed hours? 

A: Yes, upon completion of the course you will receive an official certification to present to your State and school. 

The way we treat our children can change cultures of countries,

nations and families.

– Mary Ellen Maunz, founder Age of Montessori