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aim offers 4 comprehensive programs to choose from:

Flexible, online or in-person, MACTE accredited. aim offers it all.

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Online. Self-Paced. Affordable.

Parents & Homeschoolers 

Teaching Assistants & Daycare 

U.S. & International 

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Online. Faculty Support.

In-Person Internship & Virtual Residency

Montessori Career Professionals

U.S. & International 

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Online. In-Person. Faculty Support.

In person Internship & Residency

Montessori Career Professionals

U.S. & International 

MACTE Accredited Course

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Online. Faculty Support.

Montessori Career Professionals

U.S. & International

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Sharpen your skills and satisfy state

licensing requirements.

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Aim for the most authentic and innovative online Montessori certification program available.

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Over 90 pre-recorded presentations with more added each month! Listen at your leisure and replay as often as you like.

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