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Everything you need to live the Montessori way: Montessori Teacher Certification, Professional Development and Parent Resources.

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January 24, 2023

Montessori Teacher Training

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There has never been a better time to become the most authentic certified Montessori teacher you can be. Like many of our wonderful lifelong aim Alumni, you may even realize your life purpose and path by registering for one of our transformative aim programs.   

“Sooooo, I am one happy student of the Age of Montessori … found them on a Google search … not sure what made me choose them! I did a Professional Development course, it went really, really, well … and, so I just went right in! I’m pretty new to Montessori, and I would say that the program …”

– Anika Dixon / Watch the video ⟩

Professional Development  

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Every child is different. As teachers we often need to reach out to find the information or skills you need to best serve each individual child. Our professional development courses are 100% online to allow you to choose when you study.


Maria Montessori’s discoveries are the manual that every parent wishes came with their child. Learning about the stages of development, sensitive periods and the general tendencies of children will allow you, as a parent, to anticipate and understand your child. 

“I got a lot of opinions early on about what I should be doing, what I shouldn’t be doing – you should let him cry it out, which never felt right … but then once I found Age of Montessori, I watched a few of the webinars on sensitive children and it was like …. It just meshed it – like my gut instinct, it was not just me, I was not the only one.”

– Suzi R. / Watch the video ⟩

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The Age of Montessori LIVE Webinar series delivers!

Master Montessori Teachers, school directors and early childhood experts present on the topics that you need addressed NOW. As part of our mission as a non-profit to spread the work of Maria Montessori far and wide, a selection of these webinars are available to all at no cost. The insight, information, and inspiration you as an attendee will receive is invaluable. Montessori teachers, school administrators and parents will enjoy diving deep into the pedagogy of Maria Montessori and applying it to everyday situations.

“When I am not sure what to do, I ask myself ... what would Mary Ellen do?”

– Joy, student Early Childhood Certification Course, 2021