6-Week Course

Montessori Foundations (Elementary Pre-requisite) 

This course is the perfect solution for school directors/administrators, classroom assistants and parents who are seeking a well-rounded understanding of the child, the prepared environment and the adult’s role as seen through the eyes of Maria Montessori.

You will learn: 

  • How to meet emerging needs of your child
  • How to help your child find peace, harmony and purpose
  • About the basic structure of the Montessori early childhood classroom
  • How you can apply Montessori principles at home
  • Discover the essential relationship of liberty and discipline, and why you can’t have one without the other
  • Understand the underpinning of Montessori’s principles of development
  • How children can get centered, concentrate and make progress at their own pace

Course Description

In this course you will use online learning, text book reading, and forum interactive discussions with fellow students and the course mentor to enhance your learning experience. The material you will learn about in the seven units of the Montessori Elementary Pre-requisite Course is expansive and rich, offering you a great opportunity to learn what goes on in a Montessori classroom and why! Study at your own pace on your own schedule. We have a suggested number of hours to spend in each unit, but they are just that – suggested hours. 


  • 100% Online
  • Duration: 4-weeks
  • Tuition Cost: $500
  • Eligible Hours: 60

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How It Works

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Step 2

Once your payment is processed (2-3 days) you will receive an email from Age of Montessori with your login credentials.

Step 3

After finishing this course you will receive your certification of completion via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to check in at specific times?

A: No, this course is completely self-led. No matter what country or time zone you are in you won’t miss a thing.

Q: Will my state recognize these hours for CEU?

A: This depends on the State you live in. Please contact your State education officials to double check. 

Q: Is this course mediated?

A: Yes, a member of our faculty will be monitoring the forums and will be available via email for clarification of topics.

Q: Will I receive a certificate of completed hours? 

A: Yes, upon completion of the course you will receive an official certification to present to your State and school. 

In order to meet the needs of our children, we must first understand them.”

– Mary Ellen Maunz, founder Age of Montessori