DIY Montessori Materials - Road Trip Flip Book

As the Age of Montessori Parenting Coach expert, I am happy to announce I am expecting my first baby this December.  I’m only mentioning this because it will drastically be influencing the blogs articles I will be writing for AOM.  I will be starting a series of blogs on ways to use Montessori learning in the home for children 0-5 for stay-at-home moms/dads/grandparents/etc.!

Montessori Road Trip BookMontessori Road Trip BookThis month, I made a DIY Montessori road trip flip book for my niece and nephew (ages 5 and 7), who were coming out to visit Montana to spend some time with their pregnant (and I like to think favorite) aunt.  I hope this book will help them to engage their brains, while passing the time.



Clear Sheet Protectors

Reclosable dots (similar to Velcro)

Cardstock (for the puzzle pieces)

Colored pencils and/or pens

Printable Sheets (I used,, and

The first step is to find a binder that you can use/reuse. I found I had several from old workshops that I could recycle.

montessoriphoto10montessoriphoto9I started the book with a puzzle page.  By using reclosable dots (similar to Velcro), you are able to set up a way for the child to complete the puzzle even while in the car.  The reclosable dots seemed too strong to me, so I cut them in half and attached the other half to the back of the puzzle pieces.  They already had adhesive on the back, so it was simple to adhere them.  A control page is inside a sheet protector.

Another simple collage idea is for the child to use a glue stick and paste pre-cut up pictures (that could be already loaded in one of the sheet protectors from nature magazines) onto colored card stock that is 3-hole punched without a sheet protector.

montessoriphoto8Similarly, I made a geography page to study the continents, using the same reclosable dots and 2 copies of the continents (one as a control page, and the other that I cut up to make attachable pieces).  This helps the child to practice visual discrimination.  It would be best if you laminated the small pieces, but I didn’t have access to a laminator, so I used packing tape to imitate lamination.  Again, the background page is inside a sheet protector.

Other pages allow children to practice geometric awareness.

Related to these pages, you could encourage children to: 1) Look out the window and search for recognizable shapes in the clouds—animals, etc.; 2) Try to guess what crops, flowers and trees are growing within view of the car; 3) Check around your seat to see if you can find any objects that could serve as stencils like a cup, a snack box, keys, rings, one’s own hand.

montessoriphoto6montessoriphoto7The last option is to find some great printables that encourage practicing shape identification, writing letters and numbers, using imagination, etc.  There are a variety of free printables available as well as many you can purchase. I found some great free ones at,, and

I would love to hear feedback if you make your own flipbook at home!  Come back to check this blog, as I will be sharing my Montessori-style nursery as it grows.

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