The Spiritual Life of Children 

This seminar is no longer available as a free replay, but it is available as part of the Seminar Library.

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Join Tobin Hart Ph.D., author of The Secret Spiritual Life of Children and The Four Virtues and co-founder of Child Spirit Institute and Age of Montessori’s own Mary Ellen Maunz, founder and Program Director, author of Learning to Read is Child’s Play and Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life and our new series of courses: A Way of Spirit for Children. We are looking forward to a fascinating discussion about their observations and insights into the universal spirit of the child and how honoring the child’s earliest spiritual experiences can have lasting consequences. We will also discuss the remarkable development of the spiritual nature and how we can learn to support not only our children, but ourselves as well..

If the rehearsal is any indication of what you will experience, you are in for a wonderful hour of shared Montessori experiences, stories and great camaraderie!

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz and Tobin Hart Ph.D.

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