Montessori FAQs: I Am Not A Teacher; How Would Learning the Montessori Method Benefit Me?

Why learn the Montessori Method, if not a teacher?  In a nutshell: learning the Montessori Method is life-enhancing to parents (and those who care for children) because you will gain insight into how your child’s mind works and how she really learns.  With this understanding, you will have a greater awareness of what children need to thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually. Adults can also benefit from Montessori’s teachings through their own personal and spiritual growth.

In a recent FAQ session with Program Director, Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. and Assistant Director, Randall Klein, B.A. (click here to see the session), the following question was asked:

“What if I don’t want to become a teacher; how would this course (Age of Montessori’s Online Training Course) benefit me as a person?”

Mary Ellen Maunz began by explaining that hundreds of parents, homeschoolers, grandparents and other students not pursuing a career in teaching, had benefitted greatly by learning about:  the stages of development in children, how to meet the needs of the child, and other tools for more effective ways of teaching and raising children.  Randall Klein added his own observations regarding the healing power of Montessori’s teachings.

The Montessori Method is more than just an education style: it is a more natural and joyful way to raise our children.  Through understanding more about the way children learn, you can tap into vital “sensitive periods” and help your children find their own inner-teacher and a lifetime love of learning.

You will also learn how to prepare an environment that meets your child’s needs.   By creating an engaging learning environment at home, you can help promote your child’s inherent capabilities.

Additionally, parents and their children can benefit from the spiritual message within Dr. Maria Montessori's wisdom.   The Montessori philosophy places equal importance on mental, spiritual, and physical growth and development:

“Our educational aim must be to aid the spontaneous development of the mental, spiritual and physical personality…”

~Maria Montessori

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