Salted Candy Cane Breadsticks

Salty Candy Cane Breadsticks

Cooking is a fun and effective way for children to learn Practical Life skills.  Parents and teachers can turn culinary crafts into a fun and engaging ways to learn coordination, concentration, sequencing, and independence. Allow children plenty of hands-on time mixing, measuring, smelling, tasting and touching the ingredients.  To read more about Practical Life lessons, click here.

For December's Montessori Munching activity, we decided to make a holiday themed edible item.  Because December seems to involve such high volumes of sugary sweets, I chose a non-dessert recipe.  My kids still loved the results; in fact, it was difficult to get a photo of the finished breadsticks before they were all eaten.  Of course, these Savory Candy Cane Bread sticks do taste best while still warm from the oven.


  • 2- 11oz. packages of refrigerated breadstick dough
  • 1 TBSP your favorite seasoned salt blend.  We used a combination with garlic salt and a bit of paprika for color.


  • Unwrap dough and let the kids roll each breadstick into 12 to 14 inch strips.

Let the kids shape the dough into long strips

2.    Press two strips together at the top, then cross them over each other.  Firmly press strips together at the bottom.

Press two strips together at the top, then cross them over each other.

Press the bottom ends together firmly.

3.   Lightly sprinkle seasoned salt on a piece of parchment or waxed paper.  Roll each breadstick in the seasoning.  Arrange the breadsticks on a lightly greased cookie sheet, and shape them like candy canes.

4. Bake at 375°F for 13-15 minutes.  Serve warm and enjoy!

Have a very happy holiday season from all of us at Age of Montessori!

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